CLSA is the Alaska affiliate of ASCLS. Membership in the nattional organization automatically triggers membership in CLSA. The vision and mission statements of the national organization (ASCLS) can be found at http://www.ascls.org/about/index.asp. The purpose of our state organization, CLSA, is to:

  • Assure patients, physicians, and others involved in health care and research the highest quality laboratory services society can afford
  • Create mutual understanding and cooperation between medical laboratory personnel and other health care workers
  • Provide a forum for discussion of clinical laboratory science matters
  • Represent the Clinical Laboratory Science profession in Alaska and safeguard its standards
  • Promote the professional interests of its members
  • Promote programs in continuing education
  • Encourage intelligent, capable individuals to enter Clinical Laboratory Science education programs

Some of the most compelling reasons to join ASCLS and CLSA include:

  • Affordable, accessible, and up-to-date continuing education
  • Networking opportunities with CLS (clinical laboratory science) peers at conferences
  • A single strong voice for CLS in collaborative activities
  • Monitor and influence actions in Washington D.C. and Juneau that impact the CLS profession
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • National Medical Laboratory Week and other public awareness activities
  • Annual CLSA and ASCLS conferences with discounts for members
  • Group rates on liability insurance and many other beneficial programs
  • Professional recognition, scholarships, and grants
  • CLS publications such as ASCLS Today and and CLSA Turn Around Times

In addition, membership in a professional association distinguishes one as an individual who is passionate about their profession and involved in the promotion and development of that profession.

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